• Simple to adjust and handle
  • A simple but precise fixed head aluminium pendulum to grind shearing combs and cutters


Powerful but lightweight grinder thats truly portable. The Heiniger EasyGrinder, the simplest way to grind your shearing combs and cutters. Made in Switzerland. Comes complete with: aluminium disc, “Easy pendulum”, self-adhesive emery paper 60 grit, guide sleeve, protective safety eye and ear wear, instruction Manual.

Item number:

718-200 A EasyGrinder 230V / 370W EU
718-200 C EasyGrinder 230V / 370W GB
718-202 EasyGrinder 120V / 370W US


Electric: 0,37kW / 230 – 240V / 50Hz / 2,6A
Speed: 1420 U/min
Dimensions: Height 740 mm with cross arm / 475 mm without cross arm
Width 400 mm / depth 320 mm
Weight: 23 kg
Ø disc: 370 mm


Attention: The EasyGrinder is not available in Switzerland!

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