Horse clipper


  • Electronic overload safety switch
  • Trendy design
  • Weighing only 930 g
  • Latest electronic technology
  • No distracting escaping air


The horse clipper Progress Style in a trendy design. Equipped with the latest electronic technology, the Progress Style horse clipper is now even more powerful and even quieter than ever. Weighing in at only 930 grams, it has an impressive slim ergonomic handle making the Progress a popular choice for people whom wish to clip their own few horses at a time that suits them.

Incl. carry case, blades, screwdriver, oil, brush.

Item number:

707-516 230V EU/CH
707-517 230V GB
707-518 230V AU
707-519 120V US


Motor power: 80 Watts
Speed: 2200 dbs/min
Length: 280 mm
Weight: 930 g
Noise emission: (LpAm) 70 dB (A)

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