Shearing plant


  • Single-speed shearing machine
  • Strong 300 W motor


ONE plant offers all of the advantages of the EVO but has one speed and is only operated with the flexible shaft. Easy service and maintenance. Handy, light and quiet.

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Complete with flexible drive 200 cm
and handpiece Icon:

722-610.A 230V EU worm
722-610.B 230V EU pin
722-620.A 230V GB worm
722-620.B 230V GB pin
722-640.A 120V US worm
722-640.B 120V US pin


Motor power: 300 watts
Rotary speed at 230V: 2950 rpm
Rotary speed at 120V: 3500 rpm
Dimensions W x H x L: 243 x 317 x 209 mm
Weight: 6,5 kg
Noise emission (LpAm): 70 dB (A)

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